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Top 10 Best Swimwear Brands to Buy in India 2022 with Price

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When you plan for swimming and other interesting water games, both men and women need to find out the right swimsuit. It is more essential and delivers excellent comfort to play water games. Almost the swimsuit out to manufacture with the high-quality material which meets all want of swimmer. With new and innovative ideas, there are plenty of swimsuits out with the trendy style and various colors choice so the buyer can go with the best fit and warm colors option on the market. Let us discuss the top 10 best swimwear brands, along with its features and price tag.

1. Pretty Secret Swimwear

At first, pretty secrets was launched as the nightwear in the year 2005, and it is designed by the Karan Behal. It is one of the top moving lingerie’s as well as swimwear in the online store and also offline store. Almost the design of the swimsuits is too young and sexy, so it loved by women to use and meet real comfort. This swimsuit is new and high function support for the user. It is out with exhibit colors and another typical printed pattern. This brand suits all moods and available to buy at the price of INR 824 onwards over online.


  • Suitable for all mood
  • Major with top quality material
  • Wide color option

2. Speedo Swimwear

Speedo was introduced in the year 1914 and it is the top leading Australian manufacture with high-quality content. It is highly experts in brings out the various swimwear and other swim based accessories. When it manufacture swimsuit, then Speedo makes of the chlorine resistance fabrics, which provide great functional support. This swimsuit has material stretches to enjoy swimming with exceptional comfort. It is a highly selling the brand in a significant part of India due to it is color collection and style suits. It orders from the price range of INR 1649 onwards


  • Low leg
  • Sun protection
  • U back design
  • Padded bust support

3. Lobster Swimwear

Lobster is a highly preferred swimsuit in the India market, and it is a top brand company that makes use of the Polyamide Lycra fabric for manufacturing such the swimwear and other standard accessories. On wearing such types of suits, you can enjoy a fun day with the stylish and more comfort. The brand company committed to design with various sizes and fit to pick the best option. When choosing such a suit for both men and women, this brand delivers high performance and versatile support. You can buy a price range between 1689 onward.


  • High versatile
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Stylish and various color

4. N- Gal Swimwear

N- Gal specializes in bringing out the chic design for women, and it is a top brand in the Indian market. You experience sophistication and a high level of sensuality during the wear. This brand is concrete to meet women’s elegance and charm. With high-quality material, this company undergoes to design swimsuit with various size options and colors. It is a highly breathable and more flexible function support to the body. This company makes use of exquisite fabrics material to design, which applies to all climatic conditions. You order such a swimsuit from the price range of the 934 onwards.


  • Great Sophistication
  • Exquisite fabric

5. Next Swimwear

Most of the women search out for top luxury swimsuits and other swimming accessories. Hence next is a top brand that stops the major search of women. This brand works hard to deliver a wide selection of swimwear with great features. From the online store, you explore massive design and style, so women pick the best fit for their upcoming water sport and other swimming. With an expert house design team, this brand manufacture with modern look and quality. Hence it is the right to brand to spend your money, so it works better and friendly at all times. You find out such suits to buy at INR 1567 onwards in both online stores and offline markets.


  • Top luxury support:
  • Find out various color comb combination
  • High breathable
  • Flexible support

6. Enkay Swimwear

Enkay is a highly suitable choice for women, and it was launched in the year 1986 by expert K.G enterprises. It delivers a wide variety of swimsuits in part of India. This suit design to meet younger wants, and this company always looks forward to updating new swimsuits for women to buy at the best price in the market. It made with highly breathable and also nylon fabric, which helps to maintain its shape for a long time. This swimsuit for women is available to buy from 640 onwards.


  • Comfort movement
  • Flexibility
  • Hand wash support

7. Zivame Swimwear

Zivame is brought out the innovative design of swimsuit in the market for women. This brand makes use of top quality 80% polyamide and 20% polyamide that delivers exceptional comfort for the women during the swimming hours. It is lightweight and flexible to support according to the movement of the body. It is one of the ultra-fashionable for women to pick right fit outwear for swimming and other common water sport. Women will find out the wide selection of the swimsuit at start price from a range of the 698 onwards.


  • Had wash support
  • Great breathable
  • Design with innovative style and color

8. Da Intimo Swimwear

To get a glamorous feel and beautiful look, women can feel free, try with the Da Intimo. It is a top brand in India, and it explores the enormous collection of the lingerie’s and also finds out the Flattering swimwear. Each swimsuit is crafted with the high quality of fabrics that meet all your wants at all times. Even this brand utilizes the Italian laces to deliver the modern look. Women can use merely a browser over the online and place an order with exclusive deals and discounts. The Da Intimo swimsuit can order at the price range of INR 959 onwards.


  • Hand wash support
  • Made with quality fabric material
  • Removal pad option

9. Mast and Harbour Swimwear

Mast and Harbour is the top brand among the people in the modern-day. It committed to delivering high-quality lingeries and hot swimsuit at competitive cost via both online and offline markets. For the teen girls, here this brand exactly meets their wants and deliver beautiful look at all time. The brand design, Patterns, and colors assure to deliver sassy vibe, so you look great and become more confident at all time. From the online store, women can find out the brand swimsuit at the starting price range of INR 1999 onwards.


  • More flexible
  • Trendy color option
  • Hand wash support

10. Heart 2 Heart Swimwear

Heart 2 Heart is specializing in delivering lingerie’s, nightwear, and swimwear brand in the market. This brand manufactures a top-quality swimsuit with new ideas to fulfill all the wants of the people. These suits assure you to glam up the beach vibe, so women love to have such a swimming outfit from this brand. You can find a fits to size and new style in the retail and another online store. Women can start finding out to buy from price range of the INR 1598.


  • Top-quality fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Support to use at all season
  • Great design and color choice


From above, the women can find out a list of the top brand swimsuit. It is quite simple and effective to pick brand swimwear accessories. By consider things above feature and price tag, the women and men can pick the right swimsuit for major water sport and other swimming with all comfort.

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