How to Disable or Block automatic Windows Update in Windows 11/10 (2023)

In this post, we will show you how you can effectively & completely block, stop, disable & turn off Windows Update in Windows 11/10 so that you can install them when you want to. You will need to disable Windows Update Service, WaaSMedicSVC, Set Network as Metered connection, or use a Tool.

How to disable Automatic Windows Update in Windows 11/10

Some background information before you proceed!

There is no option to stop or turn off Windows Updates using the Control Panel or Settings app in Windows 11/10, as it used to be with earlier versions of Windows. But there is a workaround to disable or turn off Windows Update in Windows 11/10, that we’ll talk about in this post.

First, let us take a look at why people may want to turn off Windows updates.

Turn off Automatic Windows Update in Windows 8.1 and earlier versions

With Windows 8.1 and earlier versions, we had Windows Update giving us options to:

How to Disable or Block automatic Windows Update in Windows 11/10 (1)

  1. Install updates automatically (Recommended)
  2. Download Updates but choose when to install them
  3. Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them
  4. Never check for updates (Not Recommended)

These options provided a way to defer updates until we had enough time to download and install them or to have them downloaded automatically and then install them at a time we wish. These options are not present in Windows 11/10 Update & Security Settings now.

Turn off or Pause Automatic Windows Update inWindows 10

Now in Windows 10, open Settings app > Update and Security > Windows Update > Advanced Options, you will see the following settings:

How to Disable or Block automatic Windows Update in Windows 11/10 (2)

Microsoft has explained that it will provide updates in two distinct methods for its two distinct types of clients.

(Video) Stop Auto Update in Windows 11/10 | Disable Windows Automatic Updates | Windows 10 Update Off

The Home users now have the option to pause Windows Updates. Earlier they did not have this option. Windows 10 will also let you defer restart, but that is not enough because a download in the background might slow down your browsing in some cases.

The other ring of users are Enterprise users who will have the option to delay updates so that they can hold it to the time when they are free. Microsoft said it would push updates to such users less frequently so that they are faced with minimum downtime. These are the corporates and real-time users such as hospitals and ATMs etc.

Coming back to Home users and Professional users, there is not even the option to delay the updates. They will be downloaded as soon as they are available. The availability of Windows Updates for normal users means that the updates have already been tested by Windows Insiders. If you are a Windows Insider, running Windows 10 Home or Pro, you will be in priority to receive updates. After a few days of you testing the updates and if it doesn’t pose any problems, it will be released to the normal ring of users.

Thus, you are stuck. Windows 11/10 will keep on downloading updates as soon as they are available and will occupy your computer resources, when you may not want it too. Some of us will want to keep the automatic downloads to be stopped so that we can install the updates manually when free – when we are not working on something urgent. That is to say; some users would want the liberty and option to download and install updates when they want and not when Microsoft provides them.

Since there is no option to turn off Windows updates from Control Panel or PC Settings, here is a workaround.

Read: Windows Update enables itself even after turning it Off.

Pause or Stop Automatic Updates in Windows 11

It is good to keep your computer up to date, but sometimes, you may want to manually update your computer instead of allowing the system to install it automatically. Therefore, in this article, we are going to see how to stop Automatic Updates in Windows 11. These are the following ways by which you can stop or defer or pause automatic updates in Windows 11 via Settings.

How to Disable or Block automatic Windows Update in Windows 11/10 (3)

First of all, the easiest way to stop automatic updating of Windows for a few days would be to change your Windows Settings and in this section, we are going to see how to do the same.

To pause automatic updates from Windows Settings, follow the given steps.

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  1. OpenSettingsbyWin + I.
  2. Go toWindows Updates.
  3. ClickPause for 1 week.

After this, your computer will not automatically install new updates for a week, but in the meantime, you can manually update your computer.

Completely Turn off Windows Updates in Windows 11 or Windows 10

To completely stop or disable automatic Windows Updates in Windows 11/10, you will have to:

  1. Disable Windows Update & Windows Update Medic Services
  2. Change WU settings using the Group Policy Editor
  3. Set your network connection to ‘Metered’
  4. Use a free tool that lets you disable automatic updates.

Now let us see each of these suggestions in detail.

1] Disable Windows Update & Windows Update Medic Services

How to Disable or Block automatic Windows Update in Windows 11/10 (4)

Next up, we have another method for you to turn off automatic updates, that is, by stopping the Windows Update service.

If you want to stop Windows Update Service, use the following steps.

  1. OpenServicesfrom theStart Menu.
  2. Look for the ‘Windows Update’service.
  3. Right-click on it and selectProperties.
  4. Change theStartup typetoDisabledand click Apply > Ok.

You need to also disable the Windows Update Medic Service or WaaSMedicSVC. The Windows Update Medic Service is a new Windows Service introduced in recent versions of Windows 10. This Service has been introduced to repair Windows Update components from damage so that the computer can continue to receive updates. We recommend you try this method first.

You can disable the Windows Update Medic ServiceviaWindows Services Manager. In the Services window, scroll down to Windows Update Medic Serviceand turn off the Service. To turn it off, right-click on the process, click on Properties and select Disabled. That will take care of Windows Updates not being installed on your machine.

Now, if you ever want to enable the Service, follow the aforementioned steps, but this time, change the Startup types toAutomatic.

Do remember to install updates though!

Since Windows is a Service now onwards, you have to keep your computer updated. To be able to install the next set of features or a newer build, you will require the earlier updates to be installed. That’s why if you use the above workaround, you will have to go to the Windows Services Manager and turn it on once in a while to download and update your copy of Windows.

(Video) How to Stop Windows 11 Update Permanently | Disable Automatic Updates | Turn Off Auto Updates

After you turn on the Windows Update Service, when you open Windows Update in Settings, you will see a message that updates were not installed because the computer was stopped. You will have to click on Retry so that all the available updates are downloaded and installed. This may take two or three “Check for Updates” tries. You will have to keep on clicking “Check for updates” until it says your computer is up to date. Then you can go back and turn off the Windows Update service until the next time you feel you are free enough to spend time updating your copy of Windows 11/10.

2] Change WU settings using the Group Policy Editor

How to Disable or Block automatic Windows Update in Windows 11/10 (5)

If your version of Windows 11/10 has Group Policy, you can also change some settings using the Group Policy Editor. Run gpedit and navigate to the following policy setting:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update.

On the right side, double-click on Configure Automatic Updates and change its settings to suit your requirements.

Once you configure the settings, you will see the result in the Settings app as follows:

How to Disable or Block automatic Windows Update in Windows 11/10 (6)

Read: How to configure Windows Updates using Registry.

We do not recommend that you disable automatic Windows Update in Windows 11/10. If your computer is fine with downloads in the background and doesn’t affect your work, it is not advisable to do it. But if you face a slowdown of the computer due to updates downloading and installing in the background, the above tip to turn off Windows updates in Windows 10 will be of some help.

3] Set your network connection to ‘Metered’

Setting your network connection to ‘Metered’, can also stop Windows 11/10 from automatically downloading the Updates. You can do it as follows – Settings app > Network & Internet > WiFi > Advanced options. Move the slider to On position for Set as metered connection.

(Video) How to Disable Windows Automatic Updates on Windows 10 Permanently (2021)

Windows 10 users: This post will show you how to set Metered Connection in Windows.

Windows 11 users: If you enable Metered Connection on a network, your Windows 11 computer won’t automatically download the update when connected to that particular network. Follow the given steps to do the same.

How to Disable or Block automatic Windows Update in Windows 11/10 (7)

  1. Open Settings from the Start Menu.
  2. Click Network & Internet > Properties.
  3. Now use the toggle to enableMetered connection.

Now, your computer will download updated automatically when you are connected to that network.

4] Tools that help you block automatic Windows Updates

Here is a list of some free Windows Update Blocker tools to Stop Automatic Windows Updates. You might want to take a look at them as they allow you to control Windows 11/10 Updates with a click.

  1. Windows Update Blocker
  2. StopUpdates10
  3. Wu10Man
  4. Kill-Update
  5. WuMgr
  6. Win Update Stop
  7. Win Updates Disabler
  8. WAU Manager.

Incidentally, Microsoft has released a tool called Show or Hide Updatesthat allows users to hide or block specific unwanted Windows Updates. Using it, you can stop Windows 11/10 from downloading specific updates.

Is it safe to turn off Windows Update in progress?

No, you should never turn off your computer when it is installing the update. It can lead to some serious issues such as BSOD or corrupted Windows. If you are not sure whether you want to use the update in question, you can always roll back to the previous version. But, stopping the ongoing update should not be an option.

What if I don’t update Windows?

Updates are primarily used by Windows to roll out bug fixes and add new features to Operating System. However, if you are happy with the current set of features of your OS and its stability you can skip updates for some time.

But eventually, you have to update as you can’t afford to run an outdated OS. Otherwise, some of the applications will stop working and you will experience some other failures. Even some of the games want the latest version of Windows. Therefore, it is always recommended to keep your system up to date.

(Video) How to Disable Automatic Updates On Windows 11 - Stop Windows Update

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Can I decline Windows 11 Update? ›

Yes. You do not have to upgrade to Windows 11. Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 until October 14, 2025. If I decline the upgrade, can I change my mind and upgrade later?

How do I permanently turn off Windows Automatic updates? ›

How to Disable Windows 10 Updates
  1. Using the Win + R keyboard shortcut, type services. msc to access your PC's service settings.
  2. Next, scroll down and double-click on Windows Update to access the General settings.
  3. Now, select Disabled from the Startup type dropdown menu.
  4. Once done, click Ok and then restart your PC.
11 Aug 2022

How do I stop Windows 11 from installing updates? ›

Once you are inside the Service window, locate and double-click on the Windows Update service. In the Windows Update Properties dialog box, expand the drop-down menu against Startup type and select Disabled. Now click on the Stop button under Service status and hit Apply/OK to save the changes.

How do I stop Windows Update from installing Windows 11? ›

How to Stop Windows 11 Updates in Progress
  1. Open the Windows Start menu.
  2. Tap the Settings app.
  3. Select System in the left hand menu. ...
  4. Tap Windows Update, which is located near the top of the window.
  5. Tap Pause for 1 week in the Pause Updates section to pause all updates for a period of time.
10 Jan 2022

Does Windows 11 have automatic updates? ›

In Windows 10 and Windows 11, cumulative updates are installed automatically. However, many users want to turn off Windows 10 automatic updates.

How do I permanently turn off updates? ›

How to Disable Windows Update on Windows 10 Permanently - YouTube

Can Windows 10 automatic updates be turned off? ›

Fortunately, it's possible to turn off automatic updates in Windows 10, both by pausing them temporarily for up to 35 days, or — if you're feeling more reckless —by disabling them all together so you can install them manually when you're ready.

Why is Windows forcing me to Update to Windows 11? ›

Windows users are forced to install Windows 11 updates. It is not a big deal. Microsoft wants to use this method to promote Windows 11. If you want to use Windows 11, you can choose to get it on your PC.

How do I stop a software Update automatically? ›

Tap Settings > Software Update > cog > Auto download & install > Do Not Allow to disable operating system updates. Tap Google Play Store > Profile Picture > Settings > Network Preferences to disable automatic app updates.

Should you turn off automatic updates? ›

It's generally better to keep auto-updates on so that you can get a timely security fix in case there's a vulnerability found in an app you're using—but whether you should enable or disable auto-updates comes down to personal preference.

› Windows ›

Completely Turn off Windows Updates in Windows 11 or Windows 10 · Disable Windows Update & Windows Update Medic Services · Change WU settings ...
To stop Windows 10 from automatically updating your computer apply the steps here in this order. It Works!
Windows 10 is a service, which means automatic updates are turned on by default and your PC always has the latest and best features. With automatic updating, yo...

Can you say no to Windows 11? ›

Windows 10 will let you temporarily stop Windows 11 automatic updates in the Settings. Open up the Settings app by pressing Windows key + I, or via Windows search. Click Update & Security. If you want to quickly pause the Windows 11 update for a few days, you can click Pause updates for 7 more days.

Should I accept Windows 11 update? ›

Windows 11 is worth the update for most people. It comes with a wide range of new features, performance improvements, and design changes. As the latest Windows OS, it usually gets more attention than Windows 10, too. There's not too much risk in upgrading to Windows 11, either.

Is Windows 11 Update mandatory? ›

If you want to use Windows 11, you can choose to get it on your PC. If you want to continue to use Windows 10, you can choose to decline Windows 11 update. This will not influence your device. You should not worry about it.

Can you downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10? ›

Although you can easily upgrade a Windows 10 PC to Windows 11, preserving installed apps, settings, and data files, you can't do the reverse. If you want to "downgrade" from Windows 11 to Windows 10, you have to do a clean install, which requires backing up and restoring your data files and reinstalling all your apps.

Is installing Windows 11 2022 Safe? ›

You may be wondering, though, should you install the upgrade? With all the new security, productivity, accessibility and gaming features, the answer is likely yes. The operating system is fast approaching its first anniversary in early October.

Is Windows 11 better now 2022? ›

The 2022 Update Makes Windows 11 Less Annoying

Generally speaking, the changes were for the better — the Settings menu especially benefited from the changes. There were a handful of major complaints: the new Start Menu, removal of drag and drop, redesigned right-click context menu, and a few other things.

Is win11 better than 10? ›

Better virtual desktop support

You'll find it easier to create and toggle between different virtual desktops in Windows 11 than in Windows 10. Windows 11 lets you set up virtual desktops in a way that's similar to on a Mac. It allows you to toggle between multiple desktops at once for personal, work, school or gaming.

Who should not update to Windows 11? ›

If you have a computer with unsupported hardware, you should not try to upgrade to Windows 11. Period. Although there are workarounds to bypass the TPM 2.0 and other checks, if you manage to install version 21H2, the device will state in an unsupported state.


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