Best swimwear of 2022: designer bikinis and swimsuits to buy online (2023)


armer climes are here and to get us through, we’re adding new swimsuits to our baskets. Sunbathing in parks, on rooftops, balconies, or gardens is firmly on our summer agenda - who needs Ibiza?

Swimsuits are true investment items. You’ve probably owned the ones in your wardrobe for years and years and luckily for us, the market is always growing with independent and boutique brands creating unique designs and innovative cuts to suit all shapes and sizes.

For some, shopping for swimsuits may ignite more dread than it does excitement. While they tend to be synonymous with holidays, it can be a challenge to find the perfect one to suit you and make you feel your best. But online shopping takes some of the stress out of it. Firstly, you don’t have to deal with cramped 100-degree changing rooms. You can order a range of sizes and mix and match to create custom looks and there are so many to choose from.

Searching for that perfect swimwear that is both flattering yet comfortable can be difficult. So, it is worth taking these basic principles from Miraclesuit into consideration.

Your body shape can determine what silhouettes you should be favouring . For example, those with a rectangular figure - where your hips are a similar width to your shoulders – should opt for bold colours and prints and plunging necklines to accentuate your silhouette and give the illusion of curves. If you have an hourglass figure, one pieces are flattering to show off your curves, while under wiring or a halter necks tend to be essential. Mismatched, bandeaus and strapless pieces do the opposite effect and can make you look disproportional.

For the triangle shaped figures among you – where you have narrow shoulders but wide hips – you should opt for bold prints at the neckline and halter tops with moulded cups. While, inverted triangle figures – wide shoulders and narrow waists - should do the opposite. Statement bikini bottoms; colourful, printed or mismatched will draw attention to all the right places.

Ultimately, this is just a guide and we say wear whatever makes you feel great so with that in mind, we have gathered our favourite online swimsuit brands and retailers to help you ring in the warmer weather, whether you are heading to the beach, the pool or just your back garden.

Cossie + Co

Eco-friendly label Cossie + Co crafts its swimwear offering from a matte honeycomb stretch that has become the brand’s signature. They are fully lined with this material to prevent dreaded see-throughness when you step out the water and for additional support. The fabric is derived from recycled plastics that have been sourced from the sea so you can be content in the knowledge that with each kilo produced, the same quantity is removed from interfering with marine life. The production process also uses 40 per cent less water, 50 per cent less energy and saves 60 per cent of carbon emissions. The styles are flattering with one-pieces and bikinis in sculptural, V-neck and open-back silhouettes.

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Medina Swimwear

Luxe swimwear label Medina produces swimwear that is built to last. This is just one of the many sustainability credentials that the brand boasts. Founded by Lou Medina who was a pattern maker at Celine, the silhouettes are meticulously created to minimise their impact on the planet. They are also put together with the female form in mind in order to be as flattering as possible and be multi-purpose so you can wear from day to beach with ease. The pieces are made from ECONYL - a fabric comprised of old fishnets and nylon waste that is infinitely recyclable and the brand gives back to ocean conservation non-profits. The core collection comprises of a cut-out wet-suit style, a belted piece with contrasting trims and adjustable shoulders to tailor the fit.

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Good American

When Khloe Kardashian launched Good American, denim lovers everywhere rejoiced for its inclusive collections and tailored fits for those in-between sizes. The brand has expanded into swimwear - Good Swim - with styles for all shapes and a colourway that ranges from the bright and bold (Orange Dream, Hawaiian Pink) to your more neutral and muted tones of black and brown. Sizes range from XS to 5XL.

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Oceanus Swim

Oceanus prove that swimwear need not be boring, nor stick to any rules or conventions. The Ibiza-ready styles are adorned with sequins and graphic designs as well as made from fabrics not typically associated with waterproof pieces like velvet (that you can still take a dip in). This is opulence and glamour in swimwear form.

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Swim Society

Swim Society was founded by former Love Island contestant Montana Brown to fill the gap in the market for sustainable and inclusive swimwear. The brand opts for recyclable material and uses post-consumer polyester. It shouldn’t be revolutionary but every style is available in UK6 to UK20 where the product description reveals the level of support and coverage.

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Cult Gaia

You may recognise this brand from their hugely popular bamboo Ark bag that won over our hearts and Instagram feeds as the bag of the summer but did you know the brand also offered swimwear? Created in Los Angeles by Jasmin Hekmat, the swim offering - much like the clothing and accessories - takes inspiration from vintage designs with psychedelic prints and figure-flattering cuts.

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Hunza G

London-born label Hunza G received worldwide acclaim as the designer behind Julia Roberts’ iconic mini dress in Pretty Woman - you know the white tank with a tie-dye skirt connected by a silver ring. The brand's swimwear follows the same sculptural style with a flattering seersucker fabrication used throughout, tortoiseshell ring detailing and ribbed embellishments.

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Tie-dye is never not having a moment but more so now, than ever before. Inspired by the catwalks, we are filling our wardrobes with the bold design. Ack has tapped into this with vivid hued pieces on shapely cuts that give all the feel good hippy vibes that the pattern has come to represent. The swimwear is crafted in Italy using premium fabrics and will certainly liven up your beach attire.

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Frankie’s Bikinis

One of things that we like most about Frankie’s Bikinis is the fact that the brand offers the same pattern in a range of different silhouettes so no matter your preference in cut, you will be able to find the option that suits you best. This includes both bikinis and one-pieces in trend-led patterns like tie-dye, floral and monochromatic.

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Already a fan favourite among the fashion set for its vintage-inspired dresses and blouses, Rixo has extended its offering of 70s retro style as swimwear. With a bohemian vibe, the collection includes bright hues and intricate detailing - in signature Rixo fashion - on a range of one-pieces and bikinis in classic and innovative cuts.

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Sustainable swimwear brand Fisch was launched to counteract the damaging effects of fibres found in swimwear on the coral reefs. The Swedish label uses Italian-made Econyl that is crafted from former fishing nets to create the stylish and statement pieces. From leopard, to abstract designs, the bikinis and one-pieces are exotic and bold yet versatile with hand-painted prints and subtle ring embellishments.

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While sometimes more is more, the old saying is very much true, less is more and that couldn’t be more true of Anemone’s range of swimwear. The brand takes a minimalistic approach to its creations, opting instead to nail the basics. The pieces are clean, classic and elegant in a neutral colour palette of black, green and navy with the odd pop of colour. You will even find the occasional floral embroidery to be mixed and matched with monochromatic bikini tops or bottoms.

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Faithfull The Brand

Hand-dyed and printed by local artisans in Indonesia, Faithfull The Brand is all about colour, colour, colour. Forget having an all-black wardrobe, you will want every single item from this range, especially the swimsuit offering. With high rise retro cuts, belt adornments and ruffle detailing, the pieces are bright and fun to put a smile on your face every time you dig them out as the warmer weather hits.

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Australian-born swimwear brand Seafolly has become one of the most well-known beachwear labels in the world with an extensive range of bikinis, tankinis, one-pieces and much, much more on offer. They may be best known for its bold and vibrant prints and the premium fabrication that will stand the test of time.

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Pursuit the Label

Whether you are a surf enthusiast or not, these wet suit-inspired pieces have huge appeal. The brand offers both one-pieces and bikinis in the surfer chic style. The collection is made up of flattering designs with high cuts, zip fronts and belt embellishments.

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You can always count on Aussie labels for covetable swimwear and Peony is no different. The brand favours classic silhouettes crafted from sustainable and durable fabrics that are kind to the planet and will become true investment pieces for you. The range of bikinis and one-pieces are created through ecologically-safe practises and made from recycled polyester to help you reduce waste, while investing in some seriously stylish swimwear. The hero designs include floral and jacquard patterns in their signature natural colour palette.

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The leader in control swimwear, Miraclesuit creates sleek modern designs with slimming fabrics. For curvaceous silhouettes, the label promises to make you appear ‘10lbs lighter in 10 seconds’ with their proprietary and innovative fabric, Miratex®. This material has three times the control of ordinary swimwear fabrics without restrictive inner linings or control panels.

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Solid & Striped

New York label Solid & Striped is a go-to with the model set for its ultra-stylish and flattering pieces. Our highlights from this season's collection include the striped one-piece with a belt adornment giving us retro vibes, the bold yellow hues and the gingham print.


Eres played a huge part in revolutionising the swimwear industry and shaping it into what we know today. The label, which is part of the Chanel house, was the first brand to sell swimwear all year round. The French brand create one vast collection each year composed of elegant and streamlined silhouettes with state-of-the-art fabrics like its signature ‘Peau Douce’ for sculpting and support and the fast drying ‘Parachute’ - and the complete composition remains a well-guarded secret.

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Mara Hoffman

Hoffman has recently moved her label into a whole new direction with a commitment to using more sustainable methods and materials. Made from recycled fabrics, her multi-coloured designs are both stylish and timeless with rich shades and high impact colour blocking.

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Stand-out swimwear does not always have to come with a large price tag and at the lower cost end of the spectrum; H&M do great swimwear in a range of colours and sizes. The label sells bikinis separately which makes it simpler if you prefer to mix and match or wear a different sized top to bottoms or vice-versa.

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Lisa Marie Fernandez

Lisa Marie Fernandez is a favourite on the fashion scene. The label’s best-selling silhouettes are effortlessly chic and each suit is named after her fashionable friends including Poppy Delevingne, Dree Hemmingway and Bianca Brandolini. The designs are playful and summery featuring ultra-feminine patterns and floral prints.

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There are truly thousands of swimwear in every shape and size to choose from on ASOS. While this includes many other brands like Monki, Pretty Little Things and Missguided, ASOS also have its own label that specialises in stylish staples. From high to low waist, triangle to bandeau and everything in-between, you will be sure to find what you’re looking for.

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