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GQ Magazine

Primer Magazine

D'Marge Magazine

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Ape to Gentleman Magazine

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Men's Fashion Magazine Online (MFM)

Another Man Magazine

Seventh Man Magazine

Final Thoughts

A lot of men are hesitant to embrace fashion and style, which probably has a lot to do with the fact that when we think of fashion we think of runway models and makeup.

The fashion industry is mainly dominated by runway models, makeup, luxury brands, and high-end lifestyle.

It isn't looked at as a very masculine interest, and that turns a lot of men away from fashion.

It also isn't seen as very practical for everyday life, the life of an every day modern man. However, men should be able to be fashionable without feeling like they are compromising their masculinity.

The modern man should be a fashion conscious individual, as being fashionable is an outlet of self-expression especially in a modern society where men are held to certain expectations.

In addition to well-written articles, men's fashion magazines also introduce the reader to designers and brands that are worth keeping an eye on. Like all forms of art, sometimes it's easier to just look past all the spectacle of male runway models wearing makeup and wearing these Avante garde looks and focus on fashion.

With that being said, here are the best men's fashion magazines ranked from top to bottom by popularity, google ranking and reputation, quality and quantity of posts.

GQ Magazine

Best Men's Fashion Magazines Online (1)

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GQ Magazine is based in the United States and provides men with the latest tips on grooming, fashion, fitness, products, travel destinations, politics, and entertainment. It takes all the articles that a man would search for and condenses them all into one place.

GQ publishes about 56 articles a week and has 2 million followers on their social media pages. However, these magazines don't just cover personal health and hygiene topics. They have a whole culture section where there are articles about everything from what movies to see this weekend, to sports, to music!

The editors and publishers of GQ even recommend products that they think the everyday man would want. Everything that GQ endorses has been heavily researched by them and tested. They are only recommending what they consider to be the "best" products, from clothes and shoes to foot creams and colognes.

The fitness section has everything that the daily man would want to read about that's fitness relevant. There are workouts and exercises for any desire. From beginner to advanced, easy to difficult, GQ magazine caters to all fitness levels and dedication by making sure that there are articles for everyone to read.

Need to know what sort of diet will best suit your new workout? There are articles about health and nutrition also. Everything to keep you fit, healthy, and feeling your personal best.

Primer Magazine

Best Men's Fashion Magazines Online (2)

Primer Magazine is not your typical men's fashion magazine in the sense that it features relatively affordable fashion and products for the average young adult male.

Clearly marketed towards Millenials, this magazine encases affordable fashion, self-improvement, self-development, how-to's, and interior design.The editors focus a lot on things that a male in the twenties age range would be interested in or issues they'd face. Primer talks about relationships, working, fashion, and living as a mid-twenties guy.

The main focuses of this magazine are career success and personal wellness. Primer publishes about two articles a week and is followed by 17 thousand people on their social media pages.

Since there is a targetted audience for this magazine, the articles focus on things like Instagram accounts to follow for interior design inspirations and things no one tells men about having a baby.

There is a love and relationship column that addresses issues that a young man would face such as online dating and going out on dates. Primer also has a subscribe option where you can be notified in your email inbox about new articles and new updates with the magazine and their website.

D'Marge Magazine

Best Men's Fashion Magazines Online (3)

D'Marge Magazine is a men's fashion, style, and culture magazine based out of Australia. It showcases the latest on men's clothing, grooming products, gadgets, and tech. They post about 24 articles a week and have 50 thousand followers on their social media pages and platforms.

It is slightly more high-end, but practical at the same time with articles like how to experience driving a Porsche without owning one. There is relationship advice, celebrity news, the most "Instagram worthy" countries to visit.

D'Marge is an elegant men's fashion magazine that touches the interest of the modern man. A lot of the travel articles are Australia related since that is the country that the magazine is based out of.

A great magazine with a lot of great products endorsed, even though some of the products may come across as a little pricey. There is also a subscription option where you can be notified in your email inbox about new articles.

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Bespoke Unit Magazine

Best Men's Fashion Magazines Online (4)

Bespoke Unit Magazine is a men's fashion magazine that is attempting to try something new by providing readers with a more in-depth look into online content. The editors at Bespoke Unit Magazine give readers an affordable look at men's fashion and lifestyle.

Their website claims that they are the number one compared to similar magazines and that they observe and study the tips they publish before they publish them. They post about four articles per month and they have about 300 thousand followers on their social media pages.

There are cigar reviews posted, alcohol reviews, lifestyle tips, and style tips. Their articles are pretty varied from topic to topic. Bespoke has a subscription option on their website as well that allows you to be notified in your email inbox of new posts and updates with their blog.

Ape to Gentleman Magazine

Best Men's Fashion Magazines Online (5)

Ape to Gentleman Magazine is a men's fashion and style magazine based out of the United Kingdom that tries to keep up with the latest in men's style. The goal of the editors and publishers of Ape to Gentleman is helping the everyday man with his evolution by focusing on lifestyle, quality, and value.

They post about three new articles per week and they have 17 thousand followers on their social media pages. Articles range from topics like "why every man should own a pair of loafers" to grooming "below the belt".

There is definitely an article in Ape to Gentleman for every man, of every origin, of every style. They have a lot of articles from a lot of wide-ranging topics. This magazine definitely caters to all the wants of the average man looking to be more fashion conscious and self-improving.

Men's Fashion Magazine Online (MFM)

Best Men's Fashion Magazines Online (6)

Men's Fashion Magazine (MFM) Online is an online men's fashion and style magazine based out of London, England. They cover a variety of topics from style to fashion news. The company is run by fashion enthusiasts that ensure that the advice they give on fashion is among the best.

The goal of Men's Fashion Magazine Online is to enhance the look and style of men. They average about one post per month with 370 thousand followers on their social media pages.

It's everything self-improvement with hairstyles, clothing, and grooming articles being posted on a regular basis. With articles like how to improve your poker game, it's a great guide to improve a man's skills as well as appearance. As with the previous magazines, there is a subscription option to be notified of new articles in your email inbox.

Another Man Magazine

Best Men's Fashion Magazines Online (7)

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A culture and art blog that comes from London, England brings art, style, fashion, and culture into one place. There are about eight new posts a week there are seventeen thousand people following their social media platforms.

A unique thing about their online page is that they have a library of every volume of every one of their paper magazines. In the life and style section, there are a lot of very interesting articles about a range of topics afflicting modern society such as sex work, however, they address these topics with class and sophistication.

There are upcoming men's fashion shows and men's couture, as well as the latest art exhibits and art galleries. This magazine is definitely more art focused, less of a browse-and-shop type of website it introduces the reader to new artists and art styles. There is a subscription option as wel, where you can be notified of new events, artists, art, ect. in your email inbox.

Menswear Style Digital Magazine (MSDM)

Best Men's Fashion Magazines Online (8)

Menswear Style Digital Magazine (MSDM) is an independent, daily men's fashion and lifestyle online magazine and has quickly grown popularity. They offer men's style advice and fashion tips.

They average about nine posts per week and have one hundred and twenty thousand followers on their social media pages. It's got a lot of pictures of outfits, and clothing that looks good together to help you coordinate outfits on your own. They bring the latest fashion designers and upcoming designers to average people. MSDM won best men's style blog in 2017.

Seventh Man Magazine

Best Men's Fashion Magazines Online (9)

Seventh Man Magazine is a more high-end luxury men's fashion and lifestyle magazine. It is sold in over forty-two countries with a large digital website showcasing a large variety of men's fashion models, runway models, and men's fashion week.

They average about two posts per month with ten thousand followers on their social media platforms. It features more high-end and luxury fashion and lifestyle items, as well as articles about the "finer side".

Not everyone can afford the fashion in Seventh Man, but as far as being a nice magazine to spend your time looking at it's definitely a good one. It brings luxury living to the hands of the average everyday man.

Final Thoughts

Even though there are a lot of men who are reluctant to embrace men's fashion, there are a lot of men who do embrace it. It is often assumed that men's fashion magazines only showcase high fashion, Avante garde, impractical fashion looks. The fashion industry is mainly dominated by runway models, makeup, luxury brands, and high-end lifestyle.

It isn't looked at as a very masculine interest, and that turns a lot of men away from fashion. It also isn't seen as very practical for everyday life, the life of an every day modern man. A lot of average men are extremely reluctant to be fashionable.

There is this stereotype that men aren't supposed to want to look nice or dress well, but a lot of men do want to look nice or dress well. Men should be able to be fashionable without feeling like they are compromising their masculinity.

The modern man should be a fashion conscious individual, as being fashionable is an outlet of self-expression especially in a modern society where men are held to certain expectations. Like all forms of art, sometimes it's easier to just look past all the spectacle of male runway models wearing makeup and wearing these Avante garde looks and focus on fashion.

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These men's magazines also have a lot of lifestyle tips, advice, and helpful articles. The magazines that have been listed are proof that there are affordable and practical ways for men to be fashionable and fashion conscious.

They are listed in order by popularity on social media, google reputation and ranking, quality and quantity of posts.


What is the coolest fashion magazine? ›

Top Fashion Magazines
  • Harper's Bazaar. After over 150 years of circulation, Harper's Bazaar Magazine remains one of the best fashion titles. ...
  • Vogue. ...
  • Elle. ...
  • Cosmopolitan. ...
  • GQ. ...
  • Esquire. ...
  • Vanity Fair. ...
  • Girls' Life Magazine.
28 Jan 2022

Which publication is considered a male version of a fashion magazine? ›

GQ (formerly Gentlemen's Quarterly) is an American international monthly men's magazine based in New York City and founded in 1931. The publication focuses on fashion, style, and culture for men, though articles on food, movies, fitness, sex, music, travel, celebrities' sports, technology, and books are also featured.

What is the top selling fashion magazine? ›

1. Vogue. This is arguably the most famous fashion magazine in the world – it tops all charts.

Do men's magazines still exist? ›

Fashion, sport, entertainment, technology or politics, GQ magazine has it all. GQ is the award-winning, modern day man's bible for living a truly impeccable existence. Feed your mind a healthy dose of inspiration when you read through the latest style updates and current affairs.

What is the number 1 magazine in the world? ›

Run Free

What is the number 1 magazine? ›

1. The magazine with the highest circulation in 2021 was AARP The Magazine, featuring an impressive circulation of 22,500,000 and a readership of 36,916,000 people!

Is there a Vogue magazine for men? ›

Vogue Man UA is not only a fashion magazine, it is about lifestyle in the broadest sense: a wardrobe, grooming and wellness, watches and jewelry, success stories, culture, technology, cars and boats, design and rare alcohol.

What is the male equivalent of Cosmopolitan magazine? ›

Women's magazine Cosmopolitan has launched a new publication for men, titled CFG (Cosmo for Guys), which is available exclusively to iPad owners as a free downloadable app.

What are the 3 types of magazine? ›

There are three main categories of magazine publications, each of which include more specific types of publications, are: General interest magazines. Special interest magazines. Professional magazines.

What is the number one men's magazine? ›

GQ is the most influential men's magazine in the world, reaching out to the world in 21 editions.

Which fashion brand has the best website? ›

Top Websites Ranking for Fashion and Apparel in the world
RankWebsitePages / Visit Average website pages viewed per visit
46 more rows

Are fashion magazines dying out? ›

According to the Alliance for Audited Media, which tracks the performance of such publications, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Elle and InStyle all saw readers of their print magazine or online magazine editions decline to varying degrees in 2021, compared to 2020.

Is FHM still a magazine? ›

Bauer Media took the decision to stop publishing FHM, saying “young men's media habits have continually moved towards mobile and social”. But following a soft relaunch in October 2021, it has unveiled its first celebrity cover star – Sabrina Washington, former lead singer of iconic girl band Mis-Teeq.

What is the largest circulating men's magazine? ›

Men's Health (MH), published by Hearst, is the world's largest men's magazine brand, with 35 editions in 59 countries. It is also the best-selling men's magazine on U.S. newsstands.

What is the best online magazine? ›

Top Digital Magazine Subscriptions
  • Good Housekeeping - Digital. Become part of the Good Housekeeping family with Good Housekeeping - Digital Magazine! ...
  • Food Network - Digital. ...
  • Better Homes & Gardens - Digital. ...
  • Woman's Day - Digital. ...
  • Popular Mechanics - Digital. ...
  • Real Simple - Digital. ...
  • People Magazine - Digital. ...
  • HGTV - Digital.
10 Feb 2022

What is the best selling magazine of 2022? ›

Magazines with largest monthly audience in the U.S. 2022

People magazine had the largest audience in the United States in June 2022, with an average monthly reach of 81.35 million people.

What is the world's largest fashion magazine? ›

Elle is considered the world's largest fashion magazine, with 45 editions around the world and 46 local websites. It now counts 21 million readers and 100 million unique visitors per month, with an audience of mostly women.

What is the most widely published magazine? ›

The Watchtower is the most widely distributed magazine in the world, with a circulation of more than 25 million.

Which is the magazine with the largest online audience? ›

People magazine website had 48.88 million unique mobile visitors as of March 2021, making it the most popular magazine to be accessed by mobile web in the United States.

Is Esquire magazine only for men? ›

Esquire is an American men's magazine. Currently published in the United States by Hearst Communications, it also has more than 20 international editions. Founded in 1933, it flourished during the Great Depression and World War II under the guidance of founders Arnold Gingrich, David A.

What are the big 4 Vogue magazines? ›

The Big Four, sometimes referred to as The Big 4, is the name given in fashion to the four most notable Vogue covers; American Vogue, British Vogue, Vogue France and Vogue Italia. The term is commonly used when a model completes all four covers and is considered one of the biggest achievements in the fashion industry.

What are men magazines called? ›

GQ Magazine:

GQ, formerly Gentlemen's Quarterly, is the top fashion magazine targeted towards men. GQ Magazine is a strong based Men's Fashion and Lifestyle magazine which revolves around the needs of men today from stars to people who are keen to find the latest trends for men.

Is Cosmo a good magazine? ›

Cosmopolitan magazine is a good magazine for just about any woman (and men too). It covers all sorts of subjects like health & beauty, politics, career articles and advice, vacation recommendations, celebrity stories, and relationships.

Who is Cosmopolitan magazine target audience? ›

The largest demographic for Cosmopolitan is women aged 18-34 years.

What kind of magazine is in style? ›

InStyle was an American monthly women's fashion magazine founded in 1994.

What is in a lifestyle magazine? ›

Lifestyle journalism is the field of journalism that provides news and opinion, often in an entertaining tone, regarding goods and services used by consumers in their everyday life. Lifestyle journalism covers travel, fashion, fitness, leisure, food, and arts, among other topics.

What is the difference between a clip and a magazine? ›

A clip is a metal device used to load ammunition into a magazine. They're usually shaped to hold cartridges in a row and are pushed into a magazine by hand to load it. A magazine, in turn, is a spring loaded device or holding area on a firearm that feeds rounds into the chamber of the gun during use.

What magazines do older men read? ›

18 Best Magazines for Retirement, Seniors & People Over 60
  • Family Tree Magazine.
  • American Heritage.
  • International Living.
  • AARP The Magazine.
  • Mother Earth News.
  • Reader's Digest.
  • Prevention.
  • Birds & Blooms.
10 May 2022

Is Harper's magazine still good? ›

Now, Harper's is the weirdest place to work in New York media and yet an unexpectedly excellent magazine that stands out in part because of its wide range, in style and substance, amid a homogenizing media landscape.

What magazine are no longer in print? ›

Some other publications recently no longer in print include: O magazine, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Popular Science, Shape, Air & Space Smithsonian, and ARTnews. Find articles from popular magazines and scholarly journals online using the library's databases and online resources, including: Consumer Reports.

What websites do rich people visit? ›

  • Luxy.
  • PRIV. ...
  • Sailo. ...
  • Sotheby's International Realty. ...
  • VIP Black. ...
  • VIP Billionaires. You know Facebook. ...
  • James Edition. James Edition is an exclusive website that prides itself as “The World's Largest Luxury Marketplace”. ...
  • Rich Kids. What is this? ...

What are rich men attracted to? ›

A lot of millionaire men are attracted to women who are very understanding of their lifestyle and how busy they are and are willing to put his interests first when necessary. Many women think that playing hard to get is the way to land a wealthy man.

What clothing brand is most searched? ›

Most searched fashion brands on Google in the U.S. 2021

In 2021, Shein was the most searched fashion retail brand on Google in the United States, with a monthly average search volume of 11.3 million.

Do Millennials still read magazines? ›

Did you know that millennials are reading more and more magazines? Recent studies show that millennials prefer printed reading material. Print media brings them back to a simpler time when the world was not totally digitized. Print media, such as magazines, bring back memories.

Do Millennials use magazines? ›

According to a Customer Focus Research study published by Quad Graphics, 62% of Millennials prefer to read printed magazines, with 49% of this age group having read a magazine in the last 7 days, covering a large part of their media consumption.

Which month is the most important fashion magazine? ›

September issues have historically been considered the biggest fashion moment of the year for magazines.

Why did lads mags stop? ›

The days before the proper Internet were a simpler time

Gone is the notion of a bit of hard graft and a few dinners; if they're not putting out, keep swiping. This goes for both sexes. The closure of lads mags represents the rise of digital and in particular, digital dating.

Is Maxim still in print? ›

Maxim magazine publishes 16 editions, sold in 75 countries worldwide.

Why did nuts zoo stop? ›

Decline and closure

On 8 August 2013, Dominic Smith, the magazine's editor, announced that their publication would no longer be sold by Co-op supermarkets. Smith withdrew the publication in response to the Co-op's request for publishers to put their 'lads' mags' in modesty bags to mask their explicit front covers.

Are there any mens magazines still in print? ›

We offer a great selection of men's magazines like Sports Weekly, Men's Health, GQ and more!

What is high end magazine? ›

A luxury magazine is a printed or online magazine marketed to the ultra-affluent that feature high-value products like sports cars, jewelry, mechanical watches, real estate, yachts, private jets and exotic vacations. Nationally, magazines such as Robb Report primarily offer advertisements for expensive goods.

What is the best fashion show of all time? ›

Most Popular Fashion Shows of All Time
1.Versace AW 1991
2.Chanel SS 1994
3.Thierry Mugler AW Couture 1995
4.Alexander McQueen 'Fire and Blood' 1998
5.Yves Saint Laurent 'Stade de France' 1998
24 more rows
28 Jun 2022

Is Vogue the best fashion magazine? ›

Arguably the most influential fashion magazine in the world, Vogue has been setting fashion standards for over a century and is the top-selling fashion magazine in the world with editions globally, such as Italian Vogue and British Vogue.

What is the 1 fashion capital of the world? ›

London is officially the fashion capital of the world

London may be well known for being home to incredible architecture that spans hundreds of years, but it's also celebrated for fashion. The big smoke came top of our list, scoring 78 out of a possible 100.

What is the most sold Vogue magazine? ›

Meghan Markle's British Vogue issue the fastest selling in 103-year history of the magazine, plus other notable covers.

Who is the target audience for Vogue magazine? ›

Helmed by prolific Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour, American VOGUE attracts a primarily female audience (approx. 80%) and covers a broad age range, though primary demographics range from 17-29-year-olds.

What Vogue magazine is Tom Holland in? ›

Notify me when this product is available: British Vogue April 2021 - Very Good Condition with some wear to the cover. Tom Holland is featured as one of 27 stars captured to dazzling effect in British Vogue's annual Hollywood Portfolio.

What is the #1 show in America? ›

NFL Sunday Night Football

What show has the most watchers? ›

"NFL Sunday Night Football" was the most watched TV show in the United States in the 2021/2022 season, with roughly 18.14 million viewers.

Are there more issues than Vogue? ›

More issues than Vogue is a phrase that means the person has a lot of problems. The saying comes from Vogue, a popular fashion magazine. Since Vogue is so popular, there have been many issues published over the years. So if a person has more problems than Vogue has issues, you should run in the other direction.

How do I get Vogue to notice me? ›

5 Tips to Land Press Coverage in Vogue
  1. Plan Your Pitches Using Editorial Calendars. Editors for major publications like Vogue are bombarded constantly with pitches and people vying for their attention. ...
  2. Face Up To Face to Face Meetings. ...
  3. Product Placement Opens Doors. ...
  4. Broaden Your Circulation. ...
  5. Be consistent.

What is the most popular type of magazine? ›

Consumer magazines such as Time, Reader's Digest, and Vogue are the most popular type of magazine publication.


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