20 Australian swimwear designers you should know (2023)

A good swimsuit is an integral facet of many Australian's wardrobes. Salt, sand, and sun year round, a good swim can rid us of it all, a good swimsuit part and parcel to the joys of letting go on the shore. Here, we round up all of the Australian swimwear designerss to have on your radar, because there's no place quite like home. With quality front of mind and silhouette serving as everything, no one does it like those raised closest to the sea. From newcomers like Sauce and Palm Swimwear, to tried and true loves like Matteau and Bondi Born, below, see our edit.

1. Bondi Born

20 Australian swimwear designers you should know (1)

Elegant, sophisticated swimwear and resort wear using high quality fabrics and premium local craftsmanship. Each piece is sleek, minimal, and crafted in a way that makes the wearer feel secure and confident with a strong commitment to sustainability and B Corporation certification. Bondi Born caters to a range of sizes, so for those with a bigger bust looking for something elevated and chic, Bondi Born is the one for you.

2. Matteau

20 Australian swimwear designers you should know (2)

With a simple and considered ethos and swimwear that will last almost a lifetime, the Matteau manifesto is easy: silhouettes that will be forever relevant to reduce consumption and boost confidence. Founded by sisters Ilona Hamer and Peta Heinsen, the duo offer easy shapes reinforced by quality fabrications mean that Matteau is hard to move past.

3. Sauce Swim

20 Australian swimwear designers you should know (3)

Sauce Swim is the new kid on the block, made from regenerated nylon from post-consumer materials that fill our oceans and landfills - old fishing nets and forgotten clothes, Sauce is small run and minimal waste, making each suit just a little extra special, not to mention cute. For those looking for itsy bitsy bikinis that aren't boring, Sauce have you covered.

4. She Made Me

20 Australian swimwear designers you should know (4)

For the nostalgic ones. She Made Me swimwear is handmade crotchet swim crafted by artisans in Bali, a brand offering a nod to the 70s that represents love, persistence and instils a beautiful, human connection within each piece. The garments are crafted in Bali but the brand is based in Byron Bay, a true ode to Australian coastal living, with crotchet styles that will imbue you with bohemian energy.

5. Sir The Label

20 Australian swimwear designers you should know (5)

Known for their romantic ready to wear collections, SIR has expanded into swimwear, and it's exactly as good as you'd imagine. Clean considered lines and romantic cuts set the mood for nostalgic and classic swim sets and one pieces. With founders hailing from Sydney, you'll be strapped to find anything more suited to Australian summer. From Balconette bras and high waisted bottoms to flossy string bikinis, there's something for everyone.

6. Zulu and Zephyr

20 Australian swimwear designers you should know (6)

Another born in Bondi Beach, Zulu and Zephyr is a seasoned classic. Owned and operated by a small team of creatives, founders Candice and Karla Rose's Zulu and Zephyr is an ode to the modern woman and beach culture. For those who have a love affair with pastel shades and nostalgic fabrications.

7. Fella Swim

20 Australian swimwear designers you should know (7)

With an emphasis on fit, simplicity and fabric, FELLA celebrates the female form with premium swimwear that enhances and endures. Informed by the body and influenced by art, life and the world, FELLA’s designs blend retro nostalgia with crisp, clean lines.

8. Triangl

20 Australian swimwear designers you should know (8)

If you have a penchant for colour and print, Triangl is your ticket. Stringy styles that cover the bare minimum, balconettes, and high-waisted bottoms, for those wanting to bring colour into their swim wardrobes, Triangl is a one-stop-shop. You'll be hard pressed not to find a fun style with Triangl.

9. Jets

20 Australian swimwear designers you should know (9)

An Australian swim staple for over 20 years, Jets is a constant for many. Offering design-led innovation, attention to detail & quality craftsmanship, sophisticated and effortless pieces arrive to make the modern woman look and feel their best season after season. Sleek and timeless in design, Jets is the most reliable out there for quality and streamlined pieces.

10. Christopher Esber

20 Australian swimwear designers you should know (10)

Another non-exclusively swimwear brand, Christopher Esber's eponymous label has branched into swimwear that takes cues from his bikini-tie inspired ready to wear pieces. Elevated beachwear intended to melt into your wardrobe. The swimwear offering takes cues from Esber's signature ready to wear shapes for a seamless and fresh take on swim.

11. Erth Swim

20 Australian swimwear designers you should know (11)

Classic silhouettes and timeless staples made of micro Recycled PA, Italian Luxe Fabric, ethically crafted for women by women in Bali, Indonesia. Nicole Trunfio's styles celebrate, sculpt, and protect the form while aiming to leave as little environmental impact as possible.

12. Myra Swim

20 Australian swimwear designers you should know (12)

Sleek lines and warm neutrals are the fundamentals of Myra swim. Created with an intention to celebrate all bodies, Myra draws inspiration from 80s and 90s silhouettes applies with modern fabrications and ideals. the best of both worlds, simplified. With an inclusive size range and a commitment to making all people feel good in swim, Myra is a no-brainer.

13. Seafolly

20 Australian swimwear designers you should know (13)

A classic through and through. If Seafolly doesn't spark memories of spending hours on the beach until the sun dips behind the hill, we don't know what will. Intended for all bodies and all personalities, Seafolly offers an extensive range of prints and cuts for the perfect pairing.

14. Bamba Swim

20 Australian swimwear designers you should know (14)

Designed by a small team of creatives that grew up along the coastal borders of Western Australia, Bamba swim is imbued with motifs of 80s silhouettes and prints. Leopard, Hawaiian, and Zebra prints mix with neon block colours and trims for the most fun you've had in a bikini in a while. If you're pining for a hot girl summer, Bamba Swim is the way to prepare.

15. Ephemera

20 Australian swimwear designers you should know (15)

Romantic silhouettes and prints are what makes Ephemera so...ephemeral. Founder Nicole Banning comes from a luxury design background that includes a stint as a Designer at Saint Laurent. This experience supports the brand’s mission to create beautiful, must-have pieces that are executed to the highest technical standard.

16. Aexae

20 Australian swimwear designers you should know (16)

Fundamentals reimagined. Sleek and classic silhouettes are the building blocks of Aexae's DNA, backed up by a commitment to the earth with swim made from recycled and sustainable fabrics only. Using a polyester fabric for its swimwear that is 100% recycled and made from plastic bottles, fishing nets and waste from landfills and oceans from around the world. With Aexae, not only can you trust in quality production, but in timeless, simple bikini's you'll come back to over again.

17. Lahana Swim

20 Australian swimwear designers you should know (17)

Fun, youthful swimwear that takes cues from 80s high-cut silhouettes married with minimal shapes. For those looking to inject unabashed sensuality and colour into their swimwear wardrobe's, this one is for you.

18. Tigerlily

20 Australian swimwear designers you should know (18)

For those with more bohemian tendencies, Tigerlily will never fail you. Classic swim shapes imbued with quietly busy prints, Tigerlily will transport you elsewhere. One of the most recognised Australian swim names on the market, your Tigerlily piece will be instantly recognizable.

19. Peony Swimwear

20 Australian swimwear designers you should know (19)

Can't go past a classic. Femme silhouettes and floral prints bring us back to the Peony namesake time and time again. As part of the brand DNA, peonychampions sustainability and is the eco-pioneer in the swimwear category. All peony pieces are made entirely from recycled and sustainable fabrications; this includes all printed fabrics, custom main fabrics and inner linings.

20. Palm Swimwear

20 Australian swimwear designers you should know (20)

Made to order swimwear that embodies joyfulness and youth. Palm swimwear aims to be modern yet classic, unique yet transcendental, high-quality yet sustainable; duality than can be achieved in a modern making age. Core fabric is made from recycled Italian ECONYL®fibres which is a material regenerated from waste plastics and old fishing nets tocreate a fabric that is fully and endlessly regenerable.

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