1,000+ Swimwear Business Name Ideas + Availability Check (2023)

How to Create the Best Swimwear Business Name Ideas

Whether you’re heading to the beach, planning a seaside vacation, or just taking a dip in your own backyard pool, you need swimwear to enjoy the experience. Swimwear brands and swimwear stores help to provide bikinis, trunks, swimsuits, and more.

If you’re setting up your own swimwear store or creating a bold new swimwear brand, the right name can help you stand out. And in this guide, we’ll take a look at how you can make amazing and engaging swimwear business name ideas.

We’ll go over some reliable methods you can utilize to create swimwear business name ideas, as well as analyzing real-world swimwear business names, covering both swimwear brands and swimwear retailers.

Plus, if you just want to see hundreds of swimwear business name ideas with the click of a button, you can use our very own swimwear business name generator! Just type a word into the box and let the swimwear business name generator do the rest.

15 Great Swimwear Business Name Ideas for New Swimwear Brands

One of the best ways to break into the swimwear industry is to create a whole new swimwear brand. You could choose to create an eco-friendly swimwear brand, for example, using recycled materials, or focus on a fashion-centric swimwear company that targets elite clients. Below, we’ll look at a range of swimwear business name ideas you could consider.

  • Dive In
  • The Wave
  • Deep End
  • The Dip
  • Breeze
  • Current
  • Lilywear
  • Natura Swim
  • Mosaic
  • Symphony
  • Peace
  • Swan
  • Waves
  • Aquatic
  • Fresh

Tips for Creating Great Swimwear Business Name Ideas for New Swimwear Brands

If you’re setting up a brand new swimwear brand, it’s a good idea to get creative with the name. Many swimwear companies have very unique names, so it’s perfectly fine to go a little wild. Try to think of a name that will grab attention and avoid using the same cliché words that everyone else is using. Test your name out on friends and family to get some feedback, too.

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15 Catchy Swimwear Business Name Ideas for Swimwear Stores

Another kind of swimwear business you could choose to create is a swimwear store, such as a physical store or an online business. This is quite a competitive industry, so it’s vital to have a catchy and engaging name that will help your store stand out. Here are some swimwear business name ideas for swimwear stores.

  • Swimwear City
  • Bikini Central
  • The Swim Hub
  • Planet Swimwear
  • SwimTown
  • Elite Swimwear
  • Best Value Swimwear
  • Sophisticated Swimwear
  • Fancy Swimwear
  • Well Suited
  • Winning Swimwear
  • Swim Supplies
  • Swim Scene
  • The Big Splash
  • Swimwear World

Tips for Creating Catchy Swimwear Business Name Ideas for Swimwear Stores

There are lots of different methods you can use to create swimwear business name ideas for swimwear stores. You could try using location-based words like city, town, center, and world to make your swimwear store seem like the No. 1 destination, for example, or you could focus on adjectives like elegant, elite, value, fancy, pretty, and so on to make your store sound like a great place to shop. Use our swimwear business name generator to make even more ideas.

15 Summer Swimwear Business Name Ideas

In general, swimwear tends to be used most in the summer, when the sun is shining and the waters are warm. That’s why you may notice that a lot of swimwear stores and swimwear brands use sunny and summery words or imagery in their names and branding. With that in mind, here are some swimwear business names that incorporate summery words.

  • SunWear
  • Sunny Swimwear
  • Sunset Swim
  • Sunrise Swimming
  • Sun Rays
  • Beach Bod Swimwear
  • Sand & Sun
  • July Swimwear
  • August Love
  • Vacation Swimwear
  • Beach Bodies
  • Sunny Skies
  • Sandy Dreams
  • Summer Fun
  • Heart of Summer

Tips for Creating Summer Swimwear Business Name Ideas

If you want to make people think about summer and trigger a positive reaction in your customers through your business name, try to include at least one keyword that is connected to summer in some way. Words like sun, sunny, sunshine, rays, vacation, or beach can work well, and you can even include the names of summer months like July and August. Again, don’t forget to use the swimwear business name generator for even more awesome ideas.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Dive In!
  • Swim In Style
  • Bubble Wear
  • Just Add Water
  • Second Skin
  • Island Delight
  • Fierce Competitors
  • Fierce Fish
  • Freestyle Suits
  • Suited Up
  • Pool Business
  • Suit And Swim
  • Pool People
  • The Suit Sisters
  • Suited Solutions
  • Well Suited
  • Swimwear Affair
  • Swimwear Ready
  • Daring Divers
  • Dive And Dash
  • Kickin’ Swimwear
  • Simply Swim
  • Simply Swimwear
  • Water Bodies
  • For The Water
  • Water And Waves
  • Laps And Waves
  • Laps To Waves
  • Comfort Swim
  • Swim Supreme
  • Super Swimmers
  • Swim To Shore
  • Waterworks
  • Watersign Apparel
  • Swimscene
  • Swimfan Apparel
  • Watercolor
  • Swimlife
  • The Color Girls
  • Bathbabes
  • Swim Peace
  • Beach Dive
  • Slide And Glide
  • Dip Apparel
  • Water Army
  • Waterrags
  • Swim Threads
  • The Girls Gear

Real-World Swimwear Business Business Names Analysis

If you need some extra inspiration to help you come up with classy and catchy swimwear business name ideas, all you have to do is take a look at some real-world swimwear brands. There are lots of great brands out there already, and many of them have some very interesting and attractive names. Here are a few of our favorites, straight from the swimwear industry.


How Agua Got Its Name

Agua is a Colombian swimwear brand. The name comes from the Spanish word for water.

Why Agua Is A Great Swimwear Business Business Name

Agua is a simple yet beautiful name for a swimwear company. The founders of this brand simply made use of their own native language word for water, creating a brand name that can be easily understood all over the globe. The name is also very short, which makes it highly memorable.

Solid & Striped

How Solid & Striped Got Its Name

Solid & Striped is a swimwear brand that offers a wide range of swimsuits in both solid colors and striped patterns, hence the name.

Why Solid & Striped Is A Great Swimwear Business Business Name

Solid & Striped works nicely as a swimwear brand in a couple of different ways. Firstly, it makes use of alliteration, using the words “Solid” and “Striped”, which both start with the letter S. This technique helps to make the name more memorable. In addition, the name is also descriptive and clearly tells people what kinds of products they can expect to find from this store.

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Tropic of C

How Tropic of C Got Its Name

Tropic of C is a swimwear brand that was created by South Africa model, Candice Swanepoel. The name was chosen to evoke ideas of sunshine and warmth.

Why Tropic of C Is A Great Swimwear Business Business Name

Tropic of C is a really fun and inventive brand name for a swimwear company. It makes us think about tropical locations around the world, where the weather is always warm and the conditions are always perfect for swimming.

Most Successful Swimwear Business Business Names

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Swimsuits for All

How Swimsuits for All Got Its Name

Swimsuits for All is the name of one of the most popular and successful online swimwear stores. The name was chosen due to the fact that the brand aims to offer its products in as many sizes and styles as possible to suit all body types.

Why Swimsuits for All Is A Great Swimwear Business Business Name

Swimsuits for All is a super name for an online swimwear store. It includes a major keyword in the form of “Swimsuits” and it also appeals to people who may struggle to find the right swimsuit elsewhere.


How Summersalt Got Its Name

Summersalt is the name of a highly successful swimwear company which aims to offer designer-grade swimwear at value prices. The name combines the words “Summer” and “Salt” to conjure images of beaches and the sea.

Why Summersalt Is A Great Swimwear Business Business Name

Summersalt is a beautiful swimwear business name and a highly evocative one, too. When you hear this name, you can’t help thinking about the sunny days of summer and the salty sea down by the beach.

Land’s End

How Land’s End Got Its Name

Land’s End is the name of a popular swimwear brand. The name is a reference to the seas and oceans of the world, where the land comes to an end.

Why Land’s End Is A Great Swimwear Business Business Name

Land’s End is another evocative swimwear business name that makes us think about beaches and water, getting us all in the mood for sunbathing and swimming.

How to Create Your Own Swimwear Business Business Names

Evoke a Positive Reaction

Ideally, you want to make people feel positive feelings when they hear your business name; you’ll want people to hear the name and instantly start to think about swimming and summer and fun. So, how do you do this? Well, one simple way is to include some positive and fun-sounding keywords in your business name. Try to focus on words that are connected with swimming and happiness, as these kinds of words have the best chance of provoking a positive reaction in your customers. Use the swimwear business name generator to build great names from the words you choose.

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Check out the Competition

It doesn’t matter whether you’re launching a sophisticated swimwear brand or setting up a budget-friendly swimwear store, it’s always a good idea to take a look at the competition and see what kinds of brand names your rivals are using. There are two big benefits to this. Firstly, looking at other brand names might give you some inspiration to use when naming your own business. Secondly, it will help you to pick a name that won’t be too similar to your rivals, helping you stand out, rather than blending in.

Be Creative

In the world of fashion, clothing, and accessories, creativity is really important, and this extends to the world of swimwear, too. A lot of the best swimwear brands have beautiful and even poetic names, like Agua, Everlane, Tropic of C, and Summersalt, for example. This shows that creativity and imagination can be really powerful tools when naming a swimsuit brand or swimwear shop. So, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and push your imagination to the limit to create truly unique and original names that will grab people’s attention.

Check Availability

After using the swimwear business name generator and brainstorming some swimwear business names, you’ll hopefully be able to pick one that works well for your brand or business. However, you can’t simply start using a name without checking whether or not it’s actually available. Another company might already be using the name you’d like to use, so it’s important to Google it first to find out. Search on social media, too, and if your chosen name is free, claim it quickly and claim all of the relevant accounts to use for your digital marketing.

Use the Swimwear Business Name Generator

Coming up with swimwear business name ideas can be quite time-consuming. The BizNameWiz swimwear business name generator can make the whole process much faster, saving you tons of time and providing you with tons of great swimwear business names. To use the swimwear business name generator, all you have to do is type a word or multiple words into the box and click on Generate. The swimwear business name generator will then create lots of names, based on the word(s) you entered.


Whether you’re setting up a swimwear store or creating a fun and summery swimwear brand, we hope that the tips and tricks listed in this guide will help you pick the perfect name. Use the swimwear business name generator for even more ideas and always remember to check the availability of your chosen name before claiming it.

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